How I Learned Tarot

How I Learned Tarot

I am a part of a few Tarot groups on Facebook and I notice the same question when it comes to new readers: "how did you learn how to read?" The truth is, there is no one way or correct way. Some would argue that you have to memorize the book definitions and follow specific spreads but I am here to say as a successful reader that those definitions and guidelines are changeable, not the absolute. Do you know what plays a big role? That's right, intuition and the trust you have within it.

What is Tarot, besides the technical history of the cards that many still can't agree upon? Tarot is a story of the Fool's journey. You start off as a Fool, where you go through a cycle of experiences and end up at the World, the end. It's a summation of your experiences, the good and the bad. Do know that when you complete that cycle, you start as a Fool again? Think of it as life, a constant change, a constant lesson, a constant new memory. People use Tarot as a tool to guide them through their life cycles, aka their Fool's journey. It's a great way to see your strengths and weaknesses aka your lessons mastered and lessons blocked.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards comprising of  22  Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Then within those Minors, you have 16 Court cards. Not to mention, the numerology of those cards. Don't allow me to lose you here. What I'm trying to say is, that if you can master the Tarot, you can become not only a coach to others but to yourself. You can see where you struggle and get advice on how to manage certain aspects of your life. Tarot is considered a tool in divination. Contrary to what some may say, Tarot is not the work of the devil. It is a way to connect you to your spiritual team and build a stronger connection to your higher self so that you can better navigate your life. I mean, do we really need to learn things the hard way all the time? I think not!

Now back to me and how I learned. I understood my learning method, I memorized the cards as best I could, and I started watching readers on YouTube. Many taught the definitions and I notated how different or similar they saw the card to how I saw it. I then found a reader who was reading for my zodiac sign and had a storyline that was similar to mine and I focused on how they interpreted those cards compared to the situation I was experiencing. It's still quite astonishing how we can read into energy and not even have to meet someone. How can cards connect so deeply to our thoughts and situations? Well, that's a simple one, it's not the cards. It's Spirit channeling messages through the reader, but that's a whole other blog.

The point is, I did a lot of comparing and you know what I realized, people didn't always go by the book definition. They didn't always go by the spread either. They went by many factors such as the card imagery, the numerology, and their specific psychic ability. Of course, there are many who have read for so many years that they've built a connection to the cards and Guides. You'd be surprised at how many can pull a card and state a message that has nothing to do with the technical meaning yet are completely spot on. Now granted, those situations should be carefully looked at depending on the reader's experience but the point is, there's no one correct way.

If you look at the Tarot as a story, as a whole, and you understand that the Major Arcana is the lesson or major point influencing your life and the Minor is your every day, how you're behaving. It will take time and practice to not only read for yourself but for others as well. I always found it easier to read for others than myself. If you do practice with others, make sure they are honest with themselves. The last thing you need to do is read for someone who is not self-aware. That will just leave you more confused and intimated.

Here's a rule of thumb, Tarot is meant to guide you to experience a better life. It's meant to help you build trust within yourself, trigger healing and give you a sense of affirmation that everything is happening for a reason. Tarot should never make you feel scared. It should be enlightening. Think of it as your best friend with access to a really great network. 

More importantly, understand that learning the Tarot is lifelong. The more you read, the more you realize how deep and complex one card is. Don't worry though, you will naturally get there as you progress in your reading and healing journey.

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