Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

It was quite a 2022 year for me. I knew that there was going to be a major shift but I didn't expect the shift to happen within my healing. The whole year I was expecting triumph in prosperity/finances but instead, I was handed blockages that triggered me into delving into both known and unknown traumas. None of my manifestations came true and I will share how that came to be. I may have had a very rocky year materially but spiritually and emotionally, I reached a new level of understanding and freedom. In this blog entry, I will share with you what spiritual healing services I tried and how they helped me to heal and move forward confidently for 2023.

From the beginning to mid-2022 I was dealing with severe anxiety. I was the typical 8 of swords, mental prison energy, and it caused me to self-sabotage. With all the meditations, personal readings, journaling, and spiritual baths I tried, nothing seemed to help. I started questioning the "why" with my soul and business path and as much as I thought I knew the reasons, I really didn't. Things got worse when I contracted COVID. Although it took two weeks to rid of, I started having chronic panic attacks. Everything just seemed to fall downhill from there. In a desperate attempt to regain control of my life and livelihood, I started delving into both mental and spiritual healing services.

Toward the end of 2022, I tried Reiki healing. It was an hour long and I didn't know what to expect. Without realizing it at the time, it was my doorway to massive healing. During my first session, I lay there just trying to be open, and what I uncovered astounded me. That first session shined light onto one of my many inner child wounds. No words were spoken, just energy triggering hidden emotions. I remembered crying and feeling so sorry for my younger self. I remembered her in a dark room huddled in a corner afraid.

I remember walking to her and grabbing her hand and leading her out of my childhood bedroom. I took her to the forest and sat down with her and I grabbed a microphone, handed it to her, and told her "speak". As I spoke to her I started crying because I felt like I abandoned her. Even though I had my own children, somehow, my inner child was more important because if I wasn't whole, I couldn't be whole for them. After that session, I felt this intense need to take care of myself and put myself first. I felt inspired, I felt clarified, and motivated. I learned in that session, that I was afraid to speak my truth because I felt that no one cared.

About a month after that, I started to fall back into my fears so I booked another Reiki session. This time it was only for a tune-up. Even though I felt great again I knew it wasn't going to last because there was more to be uncovered. I started delving into past lives, angels, and guides and tried to build a stronger connection with my spiritual team. I ordered a past life natal chart reading and started learning more about those lifetimes because I felt that my traumas ran deep. In doing so I learned that my soul, in fact, lived many lifetimes with many traumatic endings. All death by murder and political wars. No wonder I had an issue with trusting people and speaking up.

I found that I lived in the stars in many lifetimes, the Arcturians for one, and many others. Discovering that I was a Starseed led me to a membership group with a healer who was providing guidance to them. Within that group, I found out that I had a strong Lyran connection. I learned what my soul gifts were and what my mission was. I even learned what guides wanted to work with me. I started to feel connected and loved on a different level. I started to regain my "why". However, that wasn't enough either. There were traumas I needed to uncover and heal for good. It was all coming together.

By December, I realized that I needed to try mental health therapy. I was trying to figure out why I kept pulling the self-limiting belief energy in my readings and why it was happening and how to stop it. Mental health therapy shined light onto my present life traumas and as I was well aware, I didn't know how to reframe my thinking. I then decided to look back into spiritual healing services and this is when I came across Regression therapy. Yes! Jackpot! Life was about to change.

It's funny how I came across this therapy because I had initially saved this healer's website under my favorites for Reiki learning. I was planning to provide it as a new service. I didn't expect to use them for something else. I remember feeling drawn to them because they had a degree in psychology. I thought it was quite amazing to have education on both mental and spiritual levels. I figured that this healer would be the perfect fit for my situation. I looked around their site and found a service called Regression Healing. It was a 3-hour session. Yes, 3 hours!

I reached out to them and was able to speak on the phone about my situation and I felt so comfortable and connected that I knew it was divinely guided. I strongly felt that this had to be the breakthrough and it was! Was it a monetary investment that I felt wasn't in my budget? Yes, in fact, I took it out of my rent money. However, I knew that my small investment would break me free from my self-sabotage and I would be able to make that investment back tenfold! I'm so glad that I listened to my intuition!

This regression healing session was intense, to say the least. Even though it was 3 hours, it lasted nearly 4. Imagine 4 hours of being in a deep meditated state? Yes, I felt drained afterward and for the next two days. However, I walked out of there forever healed!

During the session, we were able to go into each of my chakras and pinpoint a childhood wound. That was quite emotional and enlightening. I was bringing up childhood memories that I had forgotten about. I was able to address it, understand it, forgive it, and transmute it. They then guided me into 3 past lives! Yes, 3! I was shocked at the memories I was uncovering, the names I had, and what happened.

In one life, I was a female warrior named Anuka who died with a spear to her heart by a fellow tribe with more manpower. I was also an alien named Duke, a scientist, who was experimented on and died by drowning in a gooey liquid. Duke was betrayed by a fellow species for his knowledge. I discovered that Anuka and Duke were working together. Side note, when both souls were rising they met each other and were able to understand the feelings of what happened, console each other, and were able to forgive themselves along their enemies.

I then traveled forward in time and I was a man and felt like an Emporer (Roman time). I held political power and I remember feeling pain in my head during this memory. I found out I was murdered by what seemed like an aide or fellow politician. Did I mention I was reliving the moments of each death? I remembered the uniform the assassin was wearing. White with a blue over the shoulder. My name was Gaius and I later confirmed a political figure who was assassinated with that name.

In that memory, I was a horrible controlling leader. I believe my murder was just. When I connected the dots to my prior lives, it all correlated with how I became so controlling. As the leader, I was able to address the public to apologize and was able to correlate it back to Anuka and Duke's feelings of weakness from betrayal. I went from a life of nativity and extreme knowledge to control.

When that session was over, I was able to connect all of the dots. I was able to understand what my soul was holding onto and bring a level of understanding and forgiveness. I was able to correlate all of my past lives to my present life blockages. I felt renewed. I was energetically cleansed and felt more connected to myself than ever before. After that session, that night, I had the most lucid dream. More messages came through and when I woke up, I felt born again and that feeling hasn't subsided.

2022 was a year of self-discovery in ways that I would have never expected but I couldn't give up on myself. I was born for a reason and I owe it to myself, my soul, and my mission to follow through. I'm a fighter and history proves it. I'm not a light worker either, I'm a light warrior.

I hope that my story brings you hope, motivation, and curiosity to seek out all forms of healing and self-discovery because I know what it feels like to live in your head not knowing how to fix it. I'm here to affirm to you that you are here for a reason and hold so much power. As 2023 moves forward, you will start to see the shifts I make in my business. Know that it is in good change and it's in my authenticity.

I send you all love and wish for 2023 to be the best year for your soul's evolution because nothing feels better than truly feeling free and authentic. Remember that there are healers whose mission is to help you evolve in the purest of forms. Help is always available and in the most unexpected and "taboo" ways. By you living with your highest vibes and authenticity, you are influencing others to do the same and that is the whole mission.

- Signed, Anuka, Duke, Gaius, and Erica.

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