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Why I Started Tarot

My "Why"

While pulling cards for myself my Guides advised me to start creative writing, so here I am with my very first blog post on how I started Tarot and why I chose to open a business based on spiritual services. I hope it brings you inspiration and motivation in case you are wanting to pursue something you are unsure of.

I came to understand that my empathic and intuitive nature came from my main three (sun, moon, and rising) astrological placements. I never thought to look into it until I noticed the repetitive and challenging cycles becoming more frequent. I thought I was in a hamster wheel. For years I had a "why me?" mentality but I was so busy fighting to survive that it never dawned on me that there may have been a reason. It took a year of destruction to finally wake me up from this hell of a daydream I felt I was in. In Spirituality, we call this "Spiritual Awakening."

So, what led me to the Tarot, you ask? It was my last pivotal experience, in Tarot we call "a tower moment", where it felt like my whole world flipped upside down. Job loss, housing loss, divorce, and what was left were my children and responsibility. Why did this all happen within a year? Why did I fall back every time I felt I was finally moving forward? Life had seemed to be a constant challenge. Was I cursed? No, I later learned I was healing karmic debt from past lives, and I was being triggered to learn lessons I needed in order to heal and ascend. Of course, it took me a year of isolation and research in new avenues to understand this and that's where Tarot came in.

A major part of my spiritual awakening came from the guidance of many lightworkers who used Tarot as a divination tool to convey messages from the Divine. They were able to pick up on my situation, deepest feelings no one else could know or understand, and give me hope and direction. This had triggered me to buy a deck of cards for myself and while healing and learning the Tarot, I found my purpose and that was to aid those experiencing their own personal sense of loss like me. I'll make sure to create a blog about what deck I used and how I learned.

I asked myself what makes me relatable to anyone? What makes me feel I have the means to help others on their path? Simple. I've experienced my own childhood and adult trauma that constantly forced me to accept and adapt. I learned to be proactive and not reactive though. From that, I became aware that life goes on, and troubles will always come but understanding why and learning the lessons so as to not repeat them. I empathize easily with others because I know what it feels like to be the "quiet sufferer", feeling misunderstood and alone.

Life is a journey; it's energy in constant motion, and our gift of life is to experience abundance. Sometimes, we need help to see that perspective. Sometimes, we need the "why" in order to make those better choices. Life has its challenges, but life doesn't always have to feel or be challenging. There are ways to get guidance that doesn't include human form and that's where divination plays a big role. That's where the Tarot comes in. That's where I come in.

Open yourself up and ascend.

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Chica you don’t know how happy I am to watch you on your journey. It’s beautiful to see how much you have grown in confidence towards your calling. Thank you for sharing and for spreading your positive energy so I can feel it all the way over here!! ❤️


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